How To Get Help For Oxycodone Withdrawal


 How To Get Help For Oxycodone Withdrawal

Do you know about the drug Oxycodone? There are different popular brand names of this type of opiate drug such as Tylox, OxyContin, Percocet, Percodan, etc. This highly addictive drug is used as well as abused by many. This drug is dangerous because when it is taken repeatedly by an individual, the person would become tolerant towards it and require a higher dose in order to enjoy the same effects.

The other name for this drug is ‘oxy’ and this is generally used on the street. A lot of times OxyContin is misspelled as ‘Oxycotton’. There is no such thing as Oxycotton, it is just a misspelled word for OxyContin, an Oxycodone drug. Oxycodone is a prescription drug which functions as a depressant for the human central nervous system.

This is a narcotic drug in the sense that it is used for treating severe or moderate pain which arises from diseases like cancer or during cases such as childbirth, arthritis, fractures, etc. While this pain reliever is very good in the short run, it can be a curse if used for a long period of time because one could get addicted to it and they may no longer use it as a drug only for pain medication. The longer one consumes this medication, the higher would be the chances of them getting addicted to it.

People who are addicted to Oxycodone generally use it for the purpose of getting a feeling of being high. It also gets rid of any pain in the body and also prevents Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms themselves right away if they are ever experienced, just like alcohol with  a hangover. There are many side effects of Oxycodone such as dry mouth, excessive sweating, headaches, constipation, nausea, etc.

If an individual is addicted to this drug then he/she would feel like consuming as much of this drug as possible and this could lead to Oxycodone overdose. The symptoms of overdose can be quite severe, like slowed breathing, dizziness, coma, seizures and even death. Some of the symptoms associated with Oxycodone withdrawal would be restlessness, muscle cramping, anxiety, nausea, diarrhea, etc.

If you are suffering from some kind of pain arising due to a condition in your body and your doctor prescribes Oxycodone to you then you must make sure that you are consuming the drug as per the dosage mentioned in the prescription. It is better to be very careful of attempting not to acquire Oxycodone addiction because prevention is better than cure.

Once you succumb to the addiction, it would be very hard for you to stop or handle Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms should you decide to give up the drug. People who are not intensely addicted to the drug would just pop it in as its original pill form, however people who are serious Oxycodone abusers may even boil the pill in water and then inject the solution into their blood stream for the immediate affects.

They also might crush the pill and snort it. Oxycodone withdrawal is no child’s play and if you feel that you are not in a position to help yourself get over the addiction on your own then you can consider enrolling in an Oxycodone rehab center. This way you will be able to defeat the addiction under expert guidance. This is also highly recommended as withdrawing from an opiate of this nature is extremely dangerous.

If you have made up your mind about going through Oxycodone withdrawal on your own then you must be very strong mentally because that is the only way of getting out of this drug addiction properly. The only prerequisite for this would be time, time and more time. For those who are trying their hand at Oxycodone withdrawal, they might feel that it is extremely hard and that the days seem to drag on and on and be never ending but one must still stay strong and be persistent.

After you have decided to put an end to your Oxycodone addiction and not consume this drug anymore, you must follow certain pointers, the first being to get into the habit of drinking a lot of water. Now it is very natural for you to feel chills or aches in different parts of your body because you have stopped consuming Oxycodone. However, you must not succumb to it, you should be persistent in hydrating your body with adequate supply of water.

You have to resist the urge of drinking caffeinated drinks or consuming ibuprofen for combatting such chills and aches. Hot baths would also work wonders for this kind of case. Additionally you can also engage in those tasks which allow you to be comfortable and then you can try reading some books, magazines, newspapers or even watching some movies. You may do whatever you like as long as you keep your mind busy.

Although it may be challenging to get some exercise done because of the aches in your body, one should ensure that one’s body get at least a little bit of exercise. Exercises release endorphins, which may give a different kind of ‘high’, the healthy kind of high. The best advice pertaining to those who are looking for help for Oxycodone withdrawal would be to be strong and not give up mentally.

It might seem extremely hard during the initial weeks and it might seem very intolerable but one must motivate oneself by reminding their self that even this too shall pass and it won’t last forever. You just have to suffer a lot of hardships during the first few weeks after you’ve decided to engage in Oxycodone withdrawal but once you get past that stage then you would have the feeling that you have gone through hell and now you will have renewed vigor and enthusiasm to live life.

All of these tips will also apply within a detox and rehabilitation facility. The difference is that someone who knows exactly what you need for this will be supervising you, and thus you won’t need to remember all of these suggestions. It’s likely you won’t remember them anyways as you won’t be in a very good state of mind. As aforementioned this is the recommended way to get help for Oxycodone withdrawal. Professionals will know what is best and how to allow you the most comfortable way about this.

So essentially, if you are planning on giving up this drug for whichever reason, your best bet is to get in touch with a detox center that knows how to deal with Oxycodone and follow their instructions to the letter. Your easiest bet would be to call a hospital for locating a detox that can handle this. Then you will be in good hands and much of the agony of Oxysodone withdrawal can be avoided.

There is going to be some discomfort no matter which way you go, physically and then the mental toll this took on you will have some backlash. It will be entirely manageable though as you take it one moment at a time. You don’t have to get through this a week at a time, but rather one moment at a time. People in recovery of various sorts are able to handle almost anything when they remember to take it one moment at a time, and it’s impossible to do anything else when you really think about it.

Just remember, you will get through this, it will absolutely get easier as time goes on, and eventually, if you stick with it and take the suggestions that have been given to you, your life will also get a whole lot better. Problems will fall away, some of them miraculously, and then some amazing opportunities will present themselves to you that are beyond your wildest dreamd.