Is Oxycodone Withdrawal Painful?


Is Oxycodone Withdrawal Painful?

Oxycodone is a major ingredient that is used in the manufacture of a very effective painkiller called Oxycontin. This painkiller is usually used to provide remedy for cases where painful reactions are experienced due to a wide range of causes including; dislocation, fractures, arthritis, bursitis, neuralgia, lower back problems and cancer.

Having that in mind, it is also important to note that this drug is classified as an analgesic which is a class of drugs that are known to be very addictive. It is therefore a fact that whoever uses this drug may have to deal with the issue of getting addicted. Of course when a person has an addiction, he or she may experience some difficulty when trying to break off the addiction. This observation is also true when considered with regard to Oxycodone addiction. So what exactly are some of the symptoms that can be observed when a person stops using Oxycodone?

Symptoms of Oxycodone Withdrawal

The first one of the symptoms that may be observed is a general weakness even when the victim has not done any difficult tasks. The victim may also start experiencing hot and cold sweats from time to time. Constant pain in the joints and muscles are also common occurrences.

Other symptoms of Oxycodone withdrawal may include; nausea, vomiting, uncontrollable coughing, diarrhea, difficulty in sleeping, the victim may experience depression, watery eyes and heart palpitations. These symptoms may be observed in an isolated manner or several may be seen at the same time. If you suspect that someone may be having these symptoms, it is always prudent to quickly rush him or her to the hospital in order to receive medical attention.

Due to the causes that were mentioned before, it is obvious that Oxycodone addiction can affect just about anybody regardless of their status in society. Most of the causes that were mentioned generally affect people of all walks of life and that is why treatment of this addiction is slightly different from the rehabilitation that usually takes place when a person gets addicted to other forms of drugs.

Treatment for Oxycodone Withdrawal

During withdrawal, one may experience some painful reactions that can be associated to the symptoms that have been mentioned above. However, if one goes for medical treatment, then the withdrawal process will be managed relatively fast. This therefore means that the pain that may be associated with withdrawal is effectively dealt with. There are several techniques that can be used to manage any Oxycodone withdrawal conditions as listed below.

The first one of the techniques that is usually used by Doctors is the gradual cessation of use. What that means is that instead of abruptly stopping an individual from using the drug, the Doctor will make a schedule whereby he or she will gradually reduce the amount of intake that the patient has. This treatment may take several days or weeks depending on the diagnosis of the doctor. The victim will gradually get used to having very little amounts of the drug in his or her system which therefore means that the symptoms that were mentioned above will be dealt with effectively.

Another one of the treatments that may be used alongside the above mentioned technique is behavior-oriented therapy. It is absolutely vital for the victim involved to fully appreciate the danger that he or she may be in before any progress can be made. It is with that in mind that a special program may also be incorporated to the treatment in order to prepare the victim mentally.

Basically Oxycodone withdrawal is a very painful process if handled without the help of a qualified professional. However, if the victim gets proper medical treatment, then the situation can be resolved without having to deal with a lot of pain. It is always recommended to receive medical help with any sort of serious withdrawals, or any anticipated withdrawals for potential danger involved.